Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lessons Learned

Well .. I'm not sure where I should even begin for this week's post ... I guess I should start with what I learned.  First off, anything in life that SEEMS simply, quick, and easy most likely is complicated, time consuming, and difficult.  Once babies go mobile, they never go back! (Any Jeff Dunham and Peanut fans in the house?)  My wallet should take the entire month of December off, it would make January MUCH easier!  Oh ... one last one this week ... Grandma's + new baby in the family + first Christmas = one house full of every toy they make for his age and development from Christmas Day 2010 through Christmas Eve 2011 ... YIKES!  Good thing we are building a bigger house, I need room for all those toys, and a place to isolate the really annoying ones! ;)  Let's just say this has all been the highlights of my week.

SO, having started this blog, I had intended to post a few updates with recipes and photos etc. of my cooking and baking.  WELL ... that didn't go so well this week.  First off, I made Runza's (OLD family recipe) and yep ... popped 'em in the oven and sat down and looked across the table at my camera.  OK, so my first attempt at a blog photoshoot was a flop on my own mommy-brain.  Live and learn.  Next, I was whipping up some gingerbread cookie dough.  Let it chill for the required 4 hours.  Rolled it out, had a blast decorating and once it was all done, sat down at the table to admire my work, and yep, you guess it - sat there staring at my camera.  Strike two!  Third times a charm, right?  NOT ... whipped up some chicken tortolini soup for dinner the other night ... even took photos this time!  Served up a big bowl and realized that my pasta was utterly horrible!  I was quickly reminded why I make things from scratch :-). 

Alright, so taking some of my own advice ... I got back on the horse and tried, yet again, to have a successful photo blog.  Thank the good Lord, it worked!  Made a couple of super simple recipes for dinner last night and both turned out AMAZING! ... see my next post for recipes and photo how-tos!  Have a great week everybody and Happy Cooking!

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