Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Back! :-)

Okay, Okay ... I know!  It has been awhile ... er, a LONG while since I have posted.  It's not an excuse but man did the Holidays hammer me this past year!  And the snow ... oh, Lordy the snow!  Either way, I'm back!  

Things have gotten a bit hectic around our house as this Farm House is going Gluten-Free (again!).  I was believed to have Celiac Disease when I was in college but it was never officially diagnosed.  Once on a GF diet I did feel better; however, my Italian up-bringing and German blood got the better of me.  Or I just got lazy and quit experimenting with "other" flours.  Either way,  after a LONG battle with chronic nausea ... here we go again!  

Now, I know ya'll are worried that all my recipes ... wait ... what recipes?  OH YEA ... that was the other thing I was meaning to do (adding to the to-do list now!) ... you're worried that they will be GF and not any good anymore, right?  WELL ... Good News!  I am planning to continue to post the Gluten-FULL versions right along side the Gluten-FREE versions of all my recipes.  This mainly will apply to the "major items" such as pasta, bread, flour, etc.  The additional items that may contain Gluten will be (for me anyway) assumed to be GF, but ya'll can use whatever you want!  (Example: soy sauce, salad dressings, etc.).  

SOOO with that said, I have a few back-logged recipes to post here and will get right to that, I promise! After I tend to the screaming hungry kiddo ... ;)

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