A Note About the Recipes

Let me explain myself here ... If you haven't already noticed my recipes leave a little ... okay, a LOT ... of room for interpretation. They tend to leave room for your own tweaking and a LOT of room for your own measurements.  

I do this for many reasons ... 

1) If you are new to cooking you're probably REALLY mad at me for this.  Trust me when I say that this is seriously how you learn to cook.  Learn the flavors and characteristics of what you are working with and play around with them.  

2) I have a gluten sensitivity and cook for those who do not. My recipes tend to land somewhere in the middle!

3) Because I enjoy cooking and experimenting so much in the kitchen AND because of my sensitivity to all things gluten related ... I would estimate that 99% of my kitchen ingredients are homemade or homegrown.  For this reason, my measurements can't be exact as flavor, texture, etc. varies greatly with each batch and each growing season.  

4) I am used to cooking for a myriad of picky eaters ranging from those with a food allergy or intolerance to those who eat everything and of course, everybody in between!

5) Most of my meals are well, let's just call 'em "hefty".  Meaning that they are intended to "feed the troops".  Think Fire House and Farm House working men (and women!) who need fuel for work.  BUT ... I recognize that a lot of people would like to eat more on the 'light' side of things and my vague-ness allows them to tweak it to their own 'lightness' ... ;)

6) And lastly ... I grew up cooking with my grandparents who measure by handfuls and "what tastes good".

My advise?  TASTE OFTEN ... use your own judgment ... change it up if you don't like what I add - add what you DO like! ... have a sense of humor ... and ENJOY your time in the kitchen!  :-)